Your mission should you choose to accept it….Week 1

So as promised it is Sunday and therefore update day for the progression of my thirteen week wedding body workout plan and I can tell ya it has NOT been an easy start but in the words of D-ream ‘Things can only get better’.

Here it goes….

Monday 7th of May-Day 1

I decided, as this was infact the first day of what I knew was going to be a tough ride, that I would ease myself into the process with just a bit of cardio. With this in mind, my original plan was to do an 8 mile run in approximatley an hour but I went for a 5 mile run to soften the blow, I did this in 42 minutes and I dont think thats bad at all. Now don’t get too hung up on the timing of the runs, this is just my own little motivation tool, you guys choose whatever motivation you think would be most benificial to you. After I had cooled down from the run I then done 100 push ups in 4 sets of 25 reps and 35 sit ups in 1 set. 

For Breakfast I had a medium size bowl of Meusli, For lunch I had a Peanut butter sandwich on brown bread with a banana and for Dinner I had Pasta with tomato and basil sauce. Snacks for the day were a yogurt and a cereal bar, plenty of water throughout the day.

Tuesday 8th of May-Day 2

This was a bit of a lesser day I only managed to do 80 push ups in 4 sets of 20 reps as I was at work, I know thats no excuse not to exercise hence the push ups, so not a complete waste of a training day.

The diet for the day was actually the same as day one, bit boring but filling and healthy.

Wednesday 9th of May-Day 3

I used today as a rest day, as previously said, this is the first week of a thirteen week plan so there is no sense in trying to burn myself out at the first hurdle.

For breakfast today I had a medium size bowl of oatmeal, for lunch it was tiger bread toast and for dinner it was roasted red pepper soup with tiger bread. No snacks today but again PLENTY of water (are you starting to see a trend with the water?)

Thursday 10th of May-Day 4

Today was the big day cardio wise, it was the first attempt at the 8 mile run I had mapped out the week before and it was mentally tough, I made it to the 7 and a half mile mark and made the fatal  mistake of stopping and had to walk the remaining half mile, this is a mental barrier I will have to conquer if this plan is to be successful.  Inspite of the walking I still managed to complete the run in 1 hour 15 minutes (including walking time) which I think is a pretty good going but again thats just my own little motivational tool. After the run I did have to soak my legs in a cold bath (trust me this is a much needed process)  but as soon as my legs were semi ready I went for a 4 mile walk, you need to include an activity that you enjoy otherwise the whole process becomes a chore and the likelyhood of failure becomes greater.

For breakfast I had a medium size bowl of oatmeal, for lunch  tuna salad on wheat bread and for dinner cheese and onion slice with carrot and swede mash and peas.

the only snack was a cereal bar and once again plenty of water.

Friday 11th of May-Day 5

Today was the first day of the dumbbell circuit I had researched to hit every angle of my body, this is an intense circuit of 16 moves that range from 1-3 sets of each move with as little rest between moves as possible. As the weeks go on the moves will remain the same but the weights and amount of sets and reps will increase, this was very tough but satisfying once completed.

Move 1-wood chop (start with dumbbell over head and bring down in front of you in a chopping motion and repeat)

Dumbbell weight 12and a half KG     1 set  of 15 reps

Move 2-Sit ups (Using a swiss ball anchor your feet and curl your body toward the ceiling squeezing at the top)

No dumbbell 1 set of 15 reps

Move 3-Oblique curl (holding a dumbbell in one hand let it drop to your knee and curl sideways to the opposite side)

Dumbbell weight 12 and a half  KG 1 set 50 reps each side

Move 4-Reverse crunches (lay flat on the floor and culr your legs toward your chest and back to start)

No dumbbell 1 set 50 reps

Move 5-Push ups

No dumbbell 3 sets of 12 reps

Move 6-Pull over (lay on swiss ball with the dumbbell over your head and pull over your chest with straight arms)

Dumbbell weight 7 and a half KG 1 set of 12 reps

Move 7-Bent over rows(bend over at the hip holding a dumbbell in each hand keep back staright and bring weight to chest)

Dumbbell weight 7 and a half KG 3 sets of 12 reps

Move 8-Lateral raises (hold dumbbells by your side and raise straight out to shoulder level lower and repeat)

Dumbbell weight 7 and a half KG 2 sets of 12 reps

Move 9-Overhead tricep extension(hold dumbbell straight up over head and lower behind head, raise back up and repeat keeping elbows tucked close to ears)

Dumbbell weight 7 and a half KG 3 sets of 12 reps

Move 10-Bent over tricep extension(sat on a swiss ball bend at the hips keeping your back straight holding dumbbell in each hand, extend weights behind you bending elbow 90 degrees)

Dumbbell weight 7 and a half KG 3 sets of 12 reps

Move 11-Seated bicep curl (sit on swiss ball with dumbbell in each hand, keeping your elbows tucked into your sides, curl weight up to a 45 degree angle squeeze at the top lower and repeat)

Dumbbell weight 7 and a half KG 3 sets of 12 reps

Move 12-Standing bicep curl(same as seated but standing)

Dumbbell weight 7 and a half KG 3 sets of 12 reps

Move 13-Seated forearm curl (sit on a swiss ball with the dumbbell in each hand rested on the thigh, hands hanging over the knee, curl up lower and repeat)

Dumbbell weight 7 and a half KG 2 sets of 20 reps

Move 14-Foreward weighted lunge (holding a dumbbell in each hand take a big step forward then back to starting position)

Dumbbell weight 7 and a half KG 1 set of 20 reps

Move 15-Side weighted lunge(same as move 14 but sideways)

Dumbbell weight 7 and a half KG 1 set of 20 reps

Move 16-Calf Raises (with or without weight, stand on a step with your heel hanging back and your opposite leg raised, lower your stepped heel raise and repeat)

Dumbbell weight 7 and a half KG 1 set of 20 reps

For breakfast I had 2 slices of tiger bread toast with butter, lunch was a peanut butter sandwich and banana, dinner was beans on toast. Snacks of the day were a yogurt and 2 digestive biscuits.

Saturday 12th of May-Day 6

Rest day

For breakfast I had a medium bowl of meusli, lunch was a peanut butter sandwich, dinner was pasta with tomato and onion sauce and garlic bread.

Sunday 13th of May-Day 7

Today was another rest day because I was still burning from the week, as I said before I don’t want to burn myself out at the first week, what would be the point.

Breakfast was a bowl of rice crispies, lunch was 2 slices of tiger bread toast with butter and dinner was a roasted vegetable tart with rocket and spinach.

I realise that this post is a little long but I wanted to be pretty detailed so you could get a clear idea of the weeks activities, next weeks will be a little less lengthly as you can look at this post for info.

I will be posting some body pics next week to show any progress and hopefully there will be a noticable difference, util then adios.

P.S I know its Monday today and the top of the post says sunday but I started blogging yesterday and got distracted.


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Your mission should you choose to accept it……….

As many of you know I’m getting married in thirteen weeks to the love of my life and i couldn’t be happier, the only downfall is the spare tyre I have hanging on to my body for dear life, I’ve gotta shift it and THAT is my mission…..

To explain it a little better…..

I don’t want to look like Arnie or Dolph (i’m too short for a start) and I’m naive enough to think that I’ll look like a Calvin Klien model but I would ideally like to be somewhere on that path in three months time. I know it going to be hard and im prepared to put the time in the time and effort to reach my goal and you fine people are my motivation.

I have spent the last week researching and preparing a workout plan for the thirteen week period of pure masochistic body sculpting and over the next three months I will be training, eating well and sweating like a spartan, I will be posting my progress on a weekly basis as kind of a workout diary and a little push for myself to keep up the hard work.

I will share with you what training i have done including reps, sets and weights used, what foods i have been eating and the progress of my body sculpting and if any of you have any tips to help or if you gain any inspiration perhaps, leave a comment and let me know all about it.

So this is the beginning product, not much to look at but hopefully that’ll all change by August 4th……..Let it begin, see ya in a week!!

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Day Out In London

on thursday 5th of april i took a little trip to London, now im not really a fan of London, it’s too busy for a coastal Kentish boylike myself but i did get some nice pics, enjoy……

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Croyde 2012

Just en route home from the most awesome little surf village in the west country, Croyde. This isn’t my first visit to this tranquil location but I love it like the first time with every visit, it never gets old and the natural beauty is a natural valium for me, seriously, if I lived there I would be so chilled out I’d be walking round with a permanently glued stoned expression slapped across my face.
So the first day I traveled with my big brother and we were both stoked to be going, we had a chat about the surf, the scenery and the friendly locals and I could tell he was excited to go as he had never surfed before. We made it to the campsite after six hours on the road (I estimated four and a half! Whoops..) We set up the tents and went for a few beers in the local pub, it was a great night which ended with two of my brothers chucking up their burger and chips……way funny.
Day two and I was up at 5:30am, its something about the air in that place just makes me want to enjoy every second possible, I went for a walk to the village and back, then through the sand dunes and on to the beach to check out the days surf. I have to say there is nothing quite like the sight of watching a sunrise, especially in such a spiritual place.
Everyone eventually woke up and dragged themselves out of bed before getting ready and getting pumped for the surf ahead, we got the equiptment and jumped in the water. Now I hadn’t been surfing for a while and I knew I’d be a bit rusty but I manned up and got on with it, within 10 minutes I was up on a wave like I had only surfed the day before! ITS ON!!!! For the next few hours I was zoned out and getting my meditation awwwn!. Gotta say that the water was unbelievably cold and I wasn’t sure if I would ever see my penis again but I soaked up every ounce of surf I could handle and then, like a greedy little surfer, I tried soaking up more!
The evening consisted of a couple of beers, a couple of camping stoves and a chilled out convo with the boys, my idea of a quality sesh.
So this morning at 6am up I get but it was way cold and I was still aching from yesterdays wave fest so I went and soaked in the shower for an hour and got dressed and ready to start packing up my gear for the journey home. All the boys followed suit and we went for a breaky in the cafe before packing up the tents and setting off on our way………………thanks for a buzzin’ couple of days Croyde! I LOVE YOU LONG TIME!!!!!

From The Brain Of Buddha

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In desperate need of some R.E.M!!!!!

So two weeks ago I had a bit of time off and it was awesome! But now I’m completely shattered again because of the obscene amount of hours I’ve been subjected to since returning to work. Now…I’m not moaning about workin’, far from it, I love my job but I’m hardly at home and find it really hard to sleep properly elsewhere. This plus only having two ‘days off’ has made me feel like my body weighs a ton and I’m floating over it watching myself trying to operate at normal capacity. I feel like I’ve had part of my brain removed and I just can’t be bothered to try and replace it, I’m talkin with imaginary trolls sitting on my shoulder telling me to murder everybody that talks to me and frame it on my alter ego ‘Sleepy McLeavemealone’……”Honestly your honor, I blacked out the whole thing, spend me to the funny farm so I can watch cartoons and rub peanut butter on myself all day, at least then I would get some regular sleep!”
I am constantly missing my missus it feels like a pressure on my chest which is only relieved when I’m with her, we don’t even have to speak, just sitting in the same room is enough. I suppose the only plus with all these hours is that I have something to look forward to when I know I will be home in a couple of days to see her face because the money is not a plus, it would feature in the minus column.
There is another plus side however, all this has allowed me to start re-evaluating my life and I have realised I don’t want to chase targets and goals, I want to be a cloud and just float through life and enjoy just living…….

From The Brain Of Buddha

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the perfect Sunday

So this past Sunday (11/3/12) was one of the rare occasions of me having the day off work, so Rebecca (my fiance) and I went for a windy walk through Cliffsend and Pegwell Bay enjoying the sights and eachothers company before ending up at a nice little pub called The Belle Vue and this was the view…………

From The Brain Of Buddha

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If farts contain poo particles…..does that mean every time you fart you poo yourself?

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